Migrated From WordPress to Hugo

I’ve migrated this blog from WordPress to Hugo. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. WordPress is a bit of a security nightmare, and although I’ve somehow never had my server owned, I did notice a couple of successful exfiltration attacks against WordPress while reviewing logs. Thankfully, the attacks were harmless. If you subscribe to my RSS feed, you’ll notice some repeated content. It wasn’t worth the effort to match the content GUIDs. [Read More]

Trying this blogging thing

My friend @nelson keeps encouraging me to blog, so here I go. I’d suggest subscribing immediately using Google Reader, but that ship is about to set sail. If you’re an RSS addict like me, take a look at Feedbin. I’ve been using their service for several weeks and I’ve been very happy with them, especially in conjunction with the marvelous Reeder app for iPhone.