Disabling Wi-Fi on an LG Smart Refrigerator

Our LG LFXS30766S refrigerator is broadcasting an open Wi-Fi access point. I’m sure it’s doing that so LG’s Android app can connect to it and deliver pairing instructions for another AP. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any way to disable this feature. LG: If you’re listening, nobody asked for this garbage. Making the door shelves adjustable would be pretty great, though. A $2,300 fridge should have adjustable shelves.

I also see LG recently posted a firmware update for this fridge to their website. There are no release notes; You need proprietary hardware to install it, and it requires fridge disassembly. Seriously? I hope it’s not needed to close a gaping security hole in that open Wi-Fi access point… No, that would be silly. They’re never going to fix those security holes.

I may end up looking for a service manual so I can try to physically disable the Wi-Fi.

Welcome to the shitty future.

May 5, 2016 Update:

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17 thoughts on “Disabling Wi-Fi on an LG Smart Refrigerator”

  1. Please, let us know if you found a way to kill this feature. My fridge is a week old. I missed this feature, having tried to avoid it more than anything. Can’t return at this point .

    1. Go to the Refrigerator Control panel (by water/ice dispenser) and hold the Smart Grid Connect button for 3 seconds. You’ll see it go from the wifi display to a different display which means you just turned wifi off on the fridge. If you hold it again for 3 seconds, you’ll turn it back on. Unfortunately, everytime you have a power failure in your house, it will default to turning wifi back on so you’ll need to go turn it off again.

      1. Hi:)
        I’ve never touched the SmartGrid button as it appeared off while broadcasting WiFi. So, I did just now and-while its still not showing any symbol lit- the WiFi is not detectable. Fingers crossed. Thank you!

      2. Thank you very much it worked, I was noticing my internet was slowing down at times maybe because neighbors were connected.Last night my neighbor asked if I had a lg Refridgerator and I asked why?He said my family can connect to that network . Thanks a million ..

    1. I did this for the first time about 10 minutes ago. There wasn’t any icon beside the Smart Grid Connect. The icon pops up when you’re pressing the area over the Smart Grid Connect- hold 3 sec spot. A wi-fi antenna icon will appear, signalling that the LG is connected to the wi-fi. Keep holding the button, and another icon will appear to the left of the wi-fi icon. It looks something like an elf face wearing a cap. That’s the off-grid indicator. Release the pressure on the Smart Grid Connect & Bob’s your uncle. If it doesn’t reset properly, try again. I’m a little paranoid about all the Nest hack-into-my-house opportunities the thoughtless Silicon Valley techies have enabled, too.

  2. I am having this same issue ($3200.00 Refrigerator) and pretty irritated with this. My phone and Mac Book try to use the fridge WIFI several times a week, and we don’t have power failures that much! I contacted LG and they couldn’t offer any suggestions except to shut it down every time the WIFI starts up. Way to go LG!!!

  3. This unit provides a Wi-Fi feature; can anyone tell me why would I want this on a refrigerator in the first place and for what purpose does it serve? It’s not like it can take the place of your router especially since I don’t know if you can password protect it.
    Having this I thought was perhaps a cool thing where maybe it can be communicated with, say like the way a smart thermostat can do. So, considered the hope of getting alerts if the door was left open or something? Other than that, I am pretty happy with it given that it holds a whole lot of stuff since this is the biggest one they make in this model, type. Also, the nice look with all the other features seem well thought out with the exception of the non-adjustable door shelving. However, still utilizing all that it offers with the little 5th door in a door from inside. Perhaps the reasoning behind and being hardly possible for door adjusting shelving there?
    Just a food for thought-for food storage…

  4. Thanks for the button trick(above), worked great! I had been looking for how to turn the wifi off for months! Was so annoying having my phones connect to it automatically!

  5. LIFE CHANGING!!!! Thank you so much! Our phones & laptops have tried to connect for the last year! Too, We’ve had a HUGE drain on our WiFi, and I bet that is why!

  6. It’s not working for my LG fridge and I have a feeling it’s slowing down our wi if access too, not to mention the security isssue

  7. Although I was not able to find a way to turn “off” the wifi to my LG dishwasher and refrigerator after turning it on, I have found a workaround.
    I changed the name of my access point (wireless router).
    In doing so, the devices are unable to connect to the internet.
    Hope this helps others.

  8. The wifi device is located under gray plastic box covering the upper right door hinge. Simply unplug the wifi unit. I haven’t done this since I like playing with the wifi… No noticeable dent in wifi speeds. Also have it protected behind a VPN.

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